Prince Day

Today Prince is in
My prayers. It’s his birthday.
National Prince Day-

If there’s such a thing.
There should be. If everyone
Listened to Prince’s

Music, we’d fuck more
Instead of not giving one
Or fucking someone

Over. If you don’t
Know His music, well, you’re fucked.
Fuckasaurus Rex.

Who wants 2 compare
2 that? Not I nor any
Color spectrum end,

Twin City native,
Eighties funkateer, guitar

Or funsters feening
Finer things in a world worth
Fucking funking for.

You can clean a hot
Mess without the guidance of
A doctor unless

It’s a Funk Doctor
Or someone that likes to ball
Not ‘finish’em all’

I mean ‘fentanyl’…
‘fuck you all’…doctor’s orders:
One final dose of


Fuckasaurus Rex.
Tyranny shot its final
Load on a lonely

April day where the
Silence, so often golden,
Will be forever

Stained with purple.

Published by

Lou Cervantes

From South Philadelphia to Beyond

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