Babe In The Bathtub


Babe in the bathtub
Behind a closed door. Hear her
Laughing on the phone.

Wonder what she laughs
About, lil’ smiling Joker,
Turning the spigot

When she has any
Words to say. Prevents me from
Listening in, hear her

Plan which so happens to dance
Lost inside my head.

At least you can’t die
From wondering. Wish I was
On the other side

Of that wall. Naked,
Taking a bath with the babe,
Not on top of her.

Bubble bath without
Rubber sex toys, no douching
Required. Just a

Desire to get
Clean. Love: see what it feels like
For the first time while

On the other side
Of that wall she lays to rest
My sanctuary.

If you put your ear
Close enough to the door you
May be able to

Hear a voice real clear
On her phone while she splashes
Inside the water.

A mermaid she may
Be but a sailor I am not
Unless it’s on a


Ship set constantly

At sail not at sea rather

Fantasy on her


Couch dreaming about
Babe in the bathtub until
She no longer needs

Me anymore.

Published by

Lou Cervantes

From South Philadelphia to Beyond

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