Dark Places

Dark Places

I’ve seen dark places,
On dusty floors, clamoring
For a shot to make

It into my bed
At moment’s notice. Sunrise
Trickles through curtains.

I long for morning

In this search for sleep, by now

Its dreams confine me

From their safe domains.
I’ve seen dark places, all my
Lighters been used up

While sprawling through dust,
Eating myself out of house
And home, days awake

Forgetting nightfall
And all the clutter it leaves
(Mud between the cracks

Of the cluttered floor
I so often find myself
Searching far within).

Free from the constraints
Of time, the effort often
Gets lost with the search:

But who needs searching?
I’ve seen dark places, inside
There lies my answer

Worth searching for. Lost
On the dirtiest floors, some
Searchers find daylight

Others an excuse
To continue the long search
In full denial
Of ever dreaming,

Of ever clamoring, of

Ever waking up

Or going to sleep.


Published by

Lou Cervantes

From South Philadelphia to Beyond

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