Light In The Window

Every night I look
At a light in the window.
Try not to wonder

What’s goes on inside.
Is she sick, is she lonely
Is she having fun

Or is it a place where she
Hides? Should I honk my horn, tap
The glass, toss loose stones,

Or should I forget
About life, everything. Should
I drive off, go home,

Does she think I care
More about her or do I
Really care about

Not being alone.
Always thought I was the one
Stuck on the outside

Without any way
To get in until one day
I woke up to find

The light all along
Has been shining bright within.
It’s a good result

Of experience
You gain by getting to know
Someone over time,

Learning to live life
Not taking it for granted,
Try not to wonder.

Every night I look
At a light in the window.
Now I’m no longer

Looking from outside
For it provides light once lost
But found deep inside

My head where it shines
And it shines bright and it’s all
A result of life,

Of knowing, of pain,
And of her.

Published by

Lou Cervantes

From South Philadelphia to Beyond

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